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At Kaipara Landscape Supplies, we are open seven days a week. We offer a wide range of products, including those highlighted below. Remember, though, this is not an extensive list, so if you need something not included here, make sure you get in touch with us to get a quote.

Mulches, Soils, and Riverstones

  • Grandpas Garden Mix – an amazing garden mix made from chicken manure, soil, bark fines, sand, and compost. It is perfect for growing a wide range of plants and flowers in your garden.
  • Forest Floor – is a premium mulch that doesn’t require a weed mat. In other words, it is straight from the forest floor. It is made up of shredded bark and pine fines, and it is ideal for steep banks as it does not slide off or blow away. It also breaks down to a superb soil that keeps moisture in.
  • Waikato Screened Top Soil – a dry and highly effective Waikato top soil.
  • No4 or No5 Bark – a fantastic choice for your decorative gardens.
  • Eco Black Bark – is manufactured using recycled untreated timber such as pallets. The timber is dyed with an eco-friendly, water-based colour to create a stunning visual effect. It is a long-lasting solution as it breaks down slowly.
  • Post Peel – an excellent budget choice suitable for a wide range of locations in your garden, including around trees.
  • Wood Chip – logs that have been chipped for your garden beds. These Wood Chip also work well as animal bedding.
  • Mangatangi Riverstones – available in two sizes, either 05/20 or 20/40.These riverstones are unwashed and come straight from the Mangatangi River. After washing, they have a grey and gold colour that makes them ideal for paths, low maintenance gardens, and decorative concrete.
  • Blue Riverstones – available in two sizes, either 05/20 or 20/60. Blue riverstones are sourced from southern rivers and have a grey/bluish appearance. They are popular in a wide range of situations, including low maintenance gardens, and they are highly attractive.
  • King Country Lime Chip – made from TeKuiti hardened lime chips, this product does not break down. Therefore, it is ideal for driveways, pathways, and gardens. The white colour of the stones is distinctive and works well in low maintenance gardens.
  • Mt Field Magic Stone – is a decorative quarry stone, very well priced that looks dark until washed then “like Magic” has blues & gold.
  • Hoggin – is a fine decorative white chip (0-6mm) used for pathways, entertaining areas & driveways, when you are looking for a stylish white surface this creates an attractive, stable, low maintenance semi-permeble, bound surface.


  • Bedding Dust
  • Builders Mix
  • Cement
  • Drainage 20/40
  • Gap 20
  • Gap 40
  • Lime Quarry Run
  • Pot Hole Mix
  • Scoria
  • Washed Sand


Firewood is another of our specialties here at Kaipara Landscape Supplies. The main options we have available include:

  • Hot Mix – a split, dry mixture of hot burning gum and pine
  • Pine – dry and split
  • Gum – dry and split

We are also an approved Work & Income supplier. Contact us today to know more.

Pots & More

In addition to the above, we offer a wide range of products in our shop. That range includes pots, fertilisers, gloves, tools, sculptures, and much more. We are open seven days a week and would love to see you, so please drop in.

Trucking Services

As Kaipara Landscape Supplies, we can also offer a wide range of trucking and transportation services. Whether you have a large requirement for landscape supplies or aggregates, or you need standalone trucking services, we can help. We have trucks and trailers in our fleet to handle all requirements. Give us a call today on 0800 769 843 to find out more.

Diggers for Hire

2021 1.8t Takeuchi Excavators comes with Standard Rock Bucket & NSP single ram tilt bucket, draw pin hitch 300mm low side Spade bucket on a compass trailer, also for hire 300mm Auger or 450mm Auger & Bore-Head.