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Carlton & Michelle Smyth are dairy farmers at heart, they know full well what it’s like to have to get a truck in. There is a wait time, unexpected costs, not to mention the trauma of having inexperienced drivers careering all over the farm. As Carlton is an on & off road truck driver (with 37yrs experience) we decided to purchase new trucks & trailers. Smyth Haulage was born, now employing experienced local staff that know the area extremely well and are proud to service all your carting needs. Whether you’re wanting to haul metal, fertilizer dirt or bark, carry a heavy machine or need an experienced pilot for wide loads, the Smyth Haulage team can help. Ring Carlton 0274 870 636 for a quote.

In 2000, we purchased an old scrap metal yard in Maungaturoto, as a truck depot. After totally gutting the place & doing it up – change of plan!

We saw a need in the area for landscape supplies at a reasonable price. In July 2020 Kaipara Landscape Supplies opened. We installed bins for landscape materials, riverstones, garden soils, mulchs, etc. People were asking for aggregates like builders mix, drainage etc. so this has been added.

The shed in the middle of the property contains garden art, bagged products, selection of garden tools, gift pots, and garden sculptures, ponga’s, sleepers, paving stones, plants, seedlings, diggers for hire and much more.

A new section to the yard is now selling firewood, stocking Hot Mix & Gum.

We offer a delivery service with two small 3ton tippers for garden or firewood supplies but also have a selection of larger trucks available when required for those larger deliveries.

Michelle and her team down at Kaipara Landscape Supplies Maungaturoto are open seven days a week. Kendall and her team at Kaipara Landscape Supplies Dargaville are open 6 days a week (Tuesday-Sunday).

Are You Searching for other Landscape Supplies? We’ve Got You Covered

At Kaipara Landscape Supplies, we are proud to service the local area providing a wide range of landscaping and garden supplies at highly competitive prices. Don’t buy anywhere else until you have compared our prices.

The Suppliers You Can Depend On

Whether you are looking for stone, firewood, mulches, aggregates, or any other landscaping supplies, we can help. At Kaipara Landscape Supplies, we supply the best landscape and garden maintenance products, all at the lowest price possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a Grandpa's Garden Mix, which has eco compost, top soil, chicken manure, sand & bark fines which is an excellent growing medium for your vegetables (and all your garden beds).

Yes we have six different types from eco chip to forest floor you can buy in a bag or by the trailer load.

Yes we can, we have different size trucks for the job.

Yes we have a hot mix or straight gum.

Yes we have vouchers as well as garden art, and a range of pots.

Absolutely we have the machinery & expertise to repair & replace the metal on your driveway.

About Us

Kaipara Landscape Supplies is part of the Smyth Haulage group, a company founded by Carlton & Michelle Smyth. Smyth tip trucks are common in the local area, with our tip trucks being the preferred option for many companies searching for haulage services.

When you buy landscaping products from us, you’ll get the same great service Smyth Haulage is famous for.

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Your Local Landscaping Supplier

Our focus is to provide high-quality landscaping supplies to householders and tradespeople in the local area.

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Competitive Prices

We supply the best products here at Kaipara Landscape Supplies, but we also work hard to keep our prices as low as possible.

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Fantastic Customer Service

Our professional team will do everything they can to ensure you get the products and service that you expect when buying landscaping supplies.

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Delivery Services

We'll use our transport expertise and trucks when you order from us. Small or large, we can deliver.

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